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  1. rose-scented-geraniumThe fight between gardeners and pests is a long one. While there are many effective ways to deal with pests, many of them have adverse effects on the environment.
    But is it possible to keep pests at bay without having to turn to harsh chemicals and extreme methods? Can nature herself provide ways of keeping insects and vermin out of our gardens?

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  2. backyard-stream-bedI’ve been sending emails back and forth with some folks about different ideas for backyard pond and water feature ideas. The result is this very nice guest post. Enjoy!  Inspiration: Backyard Pond/Water Feature Ideas By Tim Smith There’s good reason why people seek out the ocean, rivers and lakes: the flowing water is just simply...

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  3. Farfugium japonicumFarfugium japonicum var. giganteum  is the name, but sometimes you see these plants called Ligularia or leopard plant. Growing in zones 6-10, Farfugiums grows on thick stalks about a foot and a half to two feet tall. Our’s started off at about a foot tall and has since grown to the promised two feet or...

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  4. Quickrete Walk Maker FormDo you have paths in your garden? Do you have certain routes that you always take when going from one part of the yard to another? Do they look more like trails than paths? Worn areas that have been trampled down from repeated use? If so, here is a sure fire way to convert those...

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  5. Succulent Ground CoverIt must be spring. The sounds of garden equipment on Saturday mornings and folks standing in lines at  local nurseries.  And as yards are greening up and new plant growth is seen everywhere, the bare spots from last year’s failures and winter’s destructive nature seem to stick out like a sore thumb. Here are a...

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